Propuesta musicoambiental de Honduras.

Música ecológica para la vida.



Environmental activism and humans’ rights in Honduras through music

Mellemamerika Komiteen and Nunca Más invite you to a cozy evening in great company, come and meet Honduran musician and human rights activist Alberto Lainez and enjoy his music and personal experiences!
Monday September 26th in Café Mellemfolk in Mejlgade 53, Aarhus @17.00-20.00!
It is time for the 6th and last MAKTALKS, and what better way to end a success than with music and humans’ rights activism?
Alberto Laínez is an environmental engineer and musician from Honduras, who started out as one of the lead musicians in the locally very popular band Sol Caracol. For the last 10 years he has dedicated his music to topics such as empowerment and strength of especially environmental issues and marginal people in some sort of political struggle under the umbrella El Proyecto Aullador (Project Howling/Howler).

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